mHM in Chira-Catamayo | Ecuador-Peru

The River Chira is an approximately 190 km long tributary of the Pacific Ocean, which forms sections of a border between Peru and Ecuador. The river drains an area of ​​19,095 km² out of which 7,162 km² lies in Ecuador. Around 108 km downstrea of its source, the river is dammed by a dam forming the 20 km long Poechos Reservoir. This reservoir has a capacity of 885 mcm. The purpose of the reservoir is to improve the use of water in the Chira Valley through water storage, irrigation, flow regulation and power generation.

Chira-Catamayo basin study area
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As with of all the westward flowing Andean basins, Chira-Catamayo basin has the characteristic of diverse climes within a short horizontal length. From wet tropical savanna and temperature oceanic zones in the upper parts, the river sees hot semi-arid (steppe) in the middle and finally flows through the hot deserts in the lower parts of the basin.

Model resolution: 0.05 degree (~5 kms x 5 kms)
Domain size: 17,761 sq.kms., Computational size: 671 cells.
Qrouted - routed streamflow; SM_Lall - soil moisture averaged over all layers