Completed Projects in the Department

Innovative and sustainable groundwater management in the Mediterranean (InTheMED)

European Topic Centre on Inland, Coastal and Marine waters (ETC-ICM)

Center for Advanced Water Research (CAWR) - Safe Water for Human and Environment

The World Water Quality Assessment

Sustainable coastal groundwater management and pollution reduction through innovative governance in a changing climate (Sustain-COAST)

Fingerprinting analysis for delineation of sediment source areas in the headwater of the Volta basin, Burkina Faso (WASCAL)

River Basin Management plans under the Water Framework Directive 2015: Evaluation and harmonization requirements

The determinants of algal trait dynamics in phytoplankton communities over vertical, seasonal, and inter-annual gradients (DFG SPP DynaTrait)

ENI SEIS II East project

ENI SEIS II South project

WaterFARMING: Improvement of water and nutrient retention and use efficiency in arable farming systems from field to catchment scale in Europe and North Africa

Preliminary study: Nutrient Balance Model in the river basin Elbe

MIRACLE Mediating integrated actions for sustainable ecosystem services in a changing climate

Integrated Water Ressource Management (IWRM) in Central Asia: Modellregion Mongolia (MoMo) – Phase III.

Continuous monitoring of algal community traits and functions

Development and Implementation of a Concentration and Dectection System for the Inline Monitoring of Water-borne Pathogens in Raw and Drinking Water (EDIT)

Mechanisms and Consequences of vertical light-nutrient competition between benthic and pelagic primary producers in running-water systems

Further development and harmonization of strategies and methodologies for river basin management planning including programmes of measures (UBAPOM II)

The "good ecological condition" of streams - a planable or accidental result of water management activities - Example of quality componente fish fauna in the lower Eder (Hessen)

Integrated Water Ressource Management (IWRM) in Central Asia: Modellregion Mongolia (MoMo) – Phase II. Implementation if IWRM Elements in the Kharaa-Catchment

Eutrophication related deficits in lowland rivers - causes and interrelation effects

IWAS II - International Water Research Alliance Saxony / Q2 - Capacity Development

Networking and Supporting Activities for the Funding Programme IWRM of the German Ministry of Education and Research

Emissions of particulate matter from urban areas and their fate in the receiving water

IWAS - International Water Research Alliance Saxony / RV Mongolia & Q2

Status of Waterbodies: Management Plans and Activity Programs of the Water Framework Directive and the Demand for Actions for the German Federation

Freshwater-ecological research und Assessment of the plant components (Diatomeea and Phytobenthos) in relation to the loss-making fish-fauna in the Lenne (NRW)

International Development Project South Theiss (STIRD)

Decision support system for an integrated river Basin management by the example Weiße Elster

Long term protection of drinking water supply in the Volga basin by characterizing transformation and transport processes of DOC especially for winter conditions

FLOODsite, Subproject Task 21 - Pilot Study "River Elbe Basin"

Modelling of the Distribution of Pollutants in the Bitterfeld Floodplain during Extreme Floods

Fuzzy rule based nitrate transport (Only in English)

The Balance of Uncertainties between Input Data and Models in Distributed Hydrological Modelling

Marie Curie European ToK Project on uncertainty analysis in water quality and quantity modelling, Part 1 (Only in English)

Marie Curie European ToK Project on uncertainty analysis in water quality and quantity modelling, Part 2 (Only in English)

Nitrogen transport and turnover in the hyporheic zone in small catchment in the pleistocene lowlands of Northern Germany

Development of a new adaptive flood prediction model for the Weiße Elster (in German)

Quantification of erosive nutrient yields from river catchment areas and development of sustainable land use concepts

The spatial heterogeneity of nutrient yields into the Volga and development of strategies to reduce them by application of models

Nitrogen transport and turnover during soil and groundwater transport and its modelling

Investigation of processes of nitrogen transport and nitrogen retention and its modelling in small streams in the Pleistocene lowlands of Northern Germany

Sediment and phophorous delivery from an agricultural watershed

Harmonised Techniques and Representative River Basin Data for Assessment and Use of Uncertainty Information in Integrated Water Management (HarmoniRiB)