Current Projects in the Department

ENI SEIS II East project

ENI SEIS II South project

WaterFARMING: Improvement of water and nutrient retention and use efficiency in arable farming systems from field to catchment scale in Europe and North Africa

Preliminary study: Nutrient Balance Model in the river basin Elbe

MIRACLE Mediating integrated actions for sustainable ecosystem services in a changing climate

River Basin Management plans under the Water Framework Directive 2015: Evaluation and harmonization requirements

Integrated Water Ressource Management (IWRM) in Central Asia: Modellregion Mongolia (MoMo) – Phase III.

Center for Advanced Water Research (CAWR) - Safe Water for Human and Environment

European Topic Centre on Inland, Coastal and Marine waters (ETC-ICM)

The World Water Quality Assessment

Fingerprinting analysis for delineation of sediment source areas in the headwater of the Volta basin, Burkina Faso (WASCAL)

The determinants of algal trait dynamics in phytoplankton communities over vertical, seasonal, and inter-annual gradients (DFG SPP DynaTrait)

Continuous monitoring of algal community traits and functions

Completed Projects