Working groups

Hydrologic ecological processes (HEP)

ecosystem running-waters

Dr. Daniel Graeber
Phone ++49 (0) 391 810 9103

  • Structural and functional interactions between compartments, habitats, and communities
  • Analyses of basic mechanisms and quantification of processes of matter-fluxes in aquatic ecosystems

Hydrological and river water quality modelling

Bode, Luftbild

Prof. Dr. Michael Rode
Phone ++49 (0) 391 810 9650

  • Analysis of water and matter fluxes (P, N, C, sediments) using deterministic and data driven hydrological and river water quality models
  • Interaction between terrestrial and in-stream transport and transformation processes

Hydro-ecological synthesis (HES)

Modellregionen des Förderschwerpunktes IWRM

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Borchardt
Phone ++49 (0) 391 810 9757

  • Innovative methods and tools for integrated management of aquatic ecosystems
  • Coordination and management of research projects
  • Coordination of the UFZ research topic “Sustainable Water Resources Management”