Bode, Luftbild Hydrological and river water quality modelling

Research interest

For evaluating the impact of land use management options on water and matter fluxes at the catchment scale and related eutrophication of surface waters hydrological and river water quality models are increasingly used. Model results are still associated with considerable uncertainties because of insufficient process knowledge, scares and uncertain model input data and inadequate model structures. New findings suggest that the interactions between terrestrial and in-stream processes are highly important for determining matter loads and source appointment. This has important implications for the choice of suitable management measures improving eutrophication of surface waters.

The main objective of the work group is therefore to improve our knowledge on matter transport and improving meso-scale water quality models. Coupling of terrestrial and in-stream processes is a core objective with special focus on in-stream retention processes. We conduct a close coupling of on-line water quality monitoring and associated water quality modelling. New high temporal resolution monitoring techniques offer improved opportunities to analyse flow path and associated matter transport.