Experimental aquatic ecology

Experimental aquatic ecology

Joint research group of the departments Aquatic Ecosystem Analysis and Management and River Ecology and affiliated research group to the Institute for Zoology of the University of Cologne .

Research interests

We investigate the ecology of aquatic organisms in response to environmental change and heterogeneity. In particular, we are interested in adaptations of these organisms on the levels of behaviour, physiology, phenotypic plasticity and evolution. We use a broad spectrum of methods ranging from molecular biology, analytical chemistry, stable isotope analysis, physiology and behaviour. In particular, we use the UFZ’s MOBile aquatic mesoCOSm facility (MOBICOS) to perform controlled, multifactorial experiments on the effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors on stream ecosystems. Thereby, we aim to relate the organisms and their adaptive response to properties of the whole ecosystem such as biodiversity, food web structure, trophic transfer or matter and energy to gain a better understanding of ecosystems' structure and functions.

Our multi-disciplinary work is connected with many national and international colleagues and collaborators, and across all of UFZ's research units . National collaborators include the University of Cologne (Prof. Eric von Elert) and University of Munich (Prof. Herwig Stibor) . Internationally, we work with colleagues from all over the world, including Chile (Prof. Chris Harrod) , Italy (Dr. Valerio Zupo) , France (Dr. Philippe Pondaven) and Sweden (Dr. Maria Kahlert) .


PhD Students

MSc- and BSc candidates

Technicians & Assistants

Fenja Tietler
BSc student, U. Cologne

Tobias Nickel
MSc student, U. Cologne

Marayke Schreier
MSc student, U. Cologne

Julie Metzger
MSc student, TU. Dresden

Hanna Boeckmann
MSc student, U. Muenster