MOBICOS – mobile stream laboratories

MOBICOS is a unique research platform consisting of eight mobile container-based artificial stream laboratories, which enables the analysis of ecological processes in running waters as natural as field studies and as controllable as laboratory experiments. Field water is pumped from stagnant or running waters into the MOBICOS laboratory modules and then used for continually supplying both environmental probes and different test basins. Such experiments provide the basis for a detailed understanding of ecological effects of anthropogenic stressors like climate change or increase in land use, as well as the model-based prediction of future environmental changes.


  • Experimental studies on the ecology of aquatic organisms and populations, complex biogeochemical interactions, and matter fluxes
  • Detection of dissolved substances, e.g. humics or micropollutants
    Topic-compliant basins such as flumes, pelagic chambers, or sediment compartments
  • Effect-based analysis of environmental variations, e.g. in temperature, salinity, light, or nutrient loads

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