Preliminary study: Nutrient Balance Model in the river basin Elbe

In the context of the implementation of the Water Framework Directive, it is necessary to quantify the nutrient load of the surface waters and the groundwater with sufficient spatial and temporal resolution in order to derive measures to reduce nutrient pollution in the river basins. In addition to the data to be collected from the monitoring, nutrient balance models provide an essential basis.

In the preliminary study, an assessment of nutrient balance models is now to be examined and they will be evaluated in order to their suitability for the establishment of an effective nutrient management concept. The tasks for the model evaluation include:

  • Description and assessment of existing nutrient balance approaches, including new scientific results.
  • Development, organization and evaluation of a questionnaire to derive specific requirements for a model in state authorities, federal governments and river basin communities.
  • Development of a model recommendation for the nutrient balancing in the river basin Elbe with requirements for the further development of existing approaches.
The preliminary study is funded by the river basin community Elbe with duration from October 2016 to May 2017.

Contact: Michael Rode