Project FLOODsite, Subproject Task 21 - Pilot Study "River Elbe Basin"
Headed By Paul Samuels, HR Wallingford, UK; Task 21: Jochen Schanze, IÖER Dresden, Germany
Personnel Gerald Wenk, Dr. Michael Rode
Time Period 2005-2008

Brief description

Activity 4 "Vereinigte Mulde river" (UFZ, IOER)
In the lower part of the Mulde river catchment a comprehensive flood risk management approach will be developed and tested including

  • an integrated modelling of flood risk,
  • a multi-criteria evaluation of flood risks considering social, economic and ecological effects and [UFZ, Messner]
  • an operationalisation of mitigations measure and instruments [IOER, Schanze, UFZ, Rode + Messner, IOER, Deilmann] and
  • an investigation of alternative strategies of flood risk management[IOER, Schanze, UFZ, Rode + Messner, IOER, Deilmann].

The development and testing of the management approach with its model system includes results from other subprojects of the FLOODsite project. It also encompasses a qualitative interpretation of uncertainties of the comprehensive approach. Together with task 18 of the Floodsite project a technological integration of all model components in a DSS is aspired.

Based on the coupling of a hydrological (cf. Activity 3, Action 2) and hydraulic model a fine tuned simulation of water stages and the extent of inundation will be carried out for the Vereinigte Mulde river. Results will bear on different recurrence probabilities. [UFZ, Rode]