Further development and harmonization of strategies and methodologies for river basin management planning including programmes of measures (UBAPOM II)

The Water Framework Directive sets the ambitious goal of attaining “good status” for Europe’s rivers, lakes, groundwater bodies and coastal waters by 2015 in accordance with a clearly defined timeline. The water body characterization process has been completed and the relevant monitoring programmes and programmes of measures have been elaborated. In March 2010 the various EU member states submitted their respective Water Framework Directive river basin management plans to the European Commission. Completion of the river basin management plans marked the start of the initial river basin management plan period, which will extend from 2009 to 2015. The Directive’s objectives must be achieved by 2015, insofar as no exemptions are taken. Member states that avail themselves of a deadline extension beyond 2015 are required to achieve all Directive’s objectives by the end of the second and third river basin management plan periods, which extend from 2015 to 2021 and 2021 to 2027 respectively.

In Germany the federal states are responsible for the elaboration of the management plans. The WFD describes framework conditions and input requirements with different specifications. This leads to varieties regarding the methods used as well as the reporting of results. An important precondition therefore is the coordination of methods and procedures between the German states, the river basin districts and the federal government as well as the identification of existing deficits. For the next river basin management plans the following items are of particularly interest for harmonization:

  • characterization of water body pressures,
  • structures and methods of monitoring,
  • designation of heavily modified water bodies and
  • determination of good ecological potential,
  • exemptions and their justification,
  • transregional management objectives and
  • reporting issues.

Main objectives of the project are to develop new scientific bases have in some areas and to support the harmonious development of strategies and methods by discussions and workshops.

Contact: Jeanette Völker