Kollaborationen und Projekte 


  • We are partners in the saxochild and provide bioanalytical expertise with our facility CITEPro.

Aktuelle Drittmittelprojekte

  • NORMAN Association is a self-sustaining network of reference laboratories, research centres and related organisations for the monitoring and biomonitoring of emerging environmental substances.

  • Joint Danube Survey 4 Our role is to assess water and sediment quality with effect-based tools.

  • Kleingewässermonitoring Das Projekt Kleingewässermonitoring (KgM) liefert eine quantitative Einschätzung zum Einfluss von Pflanzenschutzmitteln aus diffusen Quellen der Landwirtschaft auf kleine und mittlere Fließgewässer.

  • Effect-based Monitoring in Water Safety Planning in collaboration with the Global Water Research Coalition

  • Microfate In the BMBF-funded project MICRO-FATE (Characterization of the fate and effects of microplastic particles between hotspots and remote regions in the Pacific Ocean) lead by Dr. Annika Jahnke, our contribution is to assess the mixture effect of pollutants extracted from plastic and its environments (seawater and sediments) with cell-based bioassays.

  • Alternative methods for wastewater treatment The approach is outlined in “Application of bioanalytical tools to evaluate treatment efficacy of conventional and intensified treatment wetlands” and we presently collaborate with Nadine Sossalla of UBZ on the application of effect-based tools for improving the treatment efficacy of treatment wetlands.

Aktuelle Projekte innerhalb des UFZ

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