Governing multi-scale heterogeneities to activate natural carbon sink potentials (GONASIP)


Department of Economics
Prof. Dr. Erik Gawel (project leader)
Klaas Korte
Sebastian Lieder

Department of Environmental and Planning Law
Dr. Till Markus
Dr. Romina Luz Schaller


01.02.2022 − 31.01.2025



Project description

The GONASIP project analyzes a set of selected methods in agriculture methods and municipal afforestation as measures to remove CO2 from the atmosphere (carbon dioxide removal, CDR measures). The focus is on the social added values and costs arising from their use. The application of the CDR measures investigated is associated with costs for their implementation and the opportunity costs of land use. These are compensated by their contribution to climate protection and the provision of other social co-benefits in the form of ecosystem services (e.g. water quality improvement, creation of recreational areas). These co-benefits could provide support for the implementation of CDR measures. However, both co-benefits and opportunity costs of land use vary between CDR measures and as a result of spatial or stakeholder-related factors of the measures (such as land features or stakeholder valuation of co-benefits). Considering these heterogeneities, the question arises as to how limited land resources can be allocated for the implementation of the examined CDR measures in a way that increases social benefits.

GONASIP aims to contribute to answering this question. For this end, and using an interdisciplinary approach including ecological, economic and legal expertise and also using stakeholder-based approaches, this project will examine in particular:

  • what CO2 removal potentials, co-benefits, costs and trade-offs are associated with the implementation of the researched CDR measures,
  • how (differently) the co-benefits and costs of the CDR measures are assessed by the affected stakeholder groups
  • and how these results can be used for further efficiency-oriented development of the regulatory framework for the use of CDR measures.
Former freight station Plagwitz, Leipzig
Afforestation on the area of the former Leipzig-Plagwitz freight station.
Picture: Tobias Hametner / UFZ