Topic 8 – Geoscientific Modeling Workshop #1 „Status-Quo and Synergies“

Date: 25.11.2021
Venue: Virtual Event (Videoconferencing)

Rationale: The main intention of the meeting is to share the status-quo/current achievements in geoscientific modeling between the centers as a starting and discussion point for the Topic 8 modeling strategy. Each center is invited to report on important model/software development lines and the related geoscientific research and application areas. A “geoscientific modelling strategy” is particularly important at present time when the National Earth System Modeling strategy and National Research Data Infrastructures (NFDIs) are under debate and in development. We feel that the geoscientific community (solid Earth System Modelling) should be better positioned with in the process which requires a common effort concerning joint platform development, visibility, etc.


Part I Status-Quo: Data - Modelling - Frameworks
09:00-09:15 Welcome and Workshop introduction
09:15-09:45 GEOMAR: Marine Geosystems
Topics Model data integration, Digital rock physics – pore scale reactive transport, Marine geodynamics, Towards mineral system modeling, Diagenetic modelling of metal fluxes, Environmental impacts of deep sea mining (DSM), Software frameworks and open source; How modeling supports Topic 8 / sub-topics
09:45-10:15 GFZ: Data and Models of Geosystems
Topics 3D data integration, Digital Twins: Digital rock physics, Digital image correlation for lab experiments, Geodynamic modeling, Holistic models (from surface to reservoir): Combined surface facility, borehole, and reservoir, Potential field modelling (IGMAS+),
Thermo-hydraulic mechanical processes (GOLEM, LYNX; MESHIT), Metal enrichment systems, Reactive Transport Modelling; How modeling supports Topic 8 / sub-topics
10:15-10:45 UFZ: Geosystems-Workflows
Topics Geothermal energy systems, Geotechnical systems, Reactive transport processes, Platform and software framework: OpenGeoSys-Workflows; How modeling supports Topic 8 / sub-topics
Part II Synergies: Data - Modelling - Frameworks
11:00-12:30 Synergies
General Ideas Geodynamic framework setting the boundary conditions for geoenergy utilization and generation/extraction of metal resources, Software collaboration (e.g.), Digital Twins, ...
Specific Actions Towards iCROSS(2): Nuclear geosciences, joint work in URLs (underground research labs), individual workshop (icross-model-chains) is planned in December 2021, Towards GeoLaB: Geothermal energy systems, ...
12:30-13:00 Summary and follow-up process