Former Team Members

Thomas Lauf

Thematic Area Environment and Society
Department of Economics
Working Group Energy

Helmholtz Centre
for Environmental Research - UFZ
Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany

Curriculum Vitae

02/2013 - 2017

Research assistant and PhD student at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

06/2012 – 12/2012

Junior Research Specialist at the GfK Geomarketing in Nuremberg in the department “Market Data Research” 

04/2011 – 11/2011

Research assistant at the European Institute for Energy Research in the department “Energy Planning and Geo-Simulation”

08/2010 – 10/2010

Internship at the Tchibo GmbH in Hamburg in the department “Expansion and Location assessment”

07/2009 – 09/2009

Internship at the Senate Administration for Urban Development Berlin in the department “City Projects”

10/2005 – 04/2012

Student of Geography and Economics at the Dresden University of Technology and the University of Seville