Projects of the Working Group
“Land Use, Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity”

Current Projects

Completed Projects

Soils4EU – Service contract for providing support in relation to the implementation of the EU soil thematic strategy

SURFACE – International Standards and Strategies for the Reduction of Land Consumption

Integrated UFZ-Project "Land use conflicts"

NeFo – Network-forum for biodiversity research Germany

Unlocking Forest Finance in Brazil/Peru

Natural Capital Germany – TEEB DE

Regional value chains in the context of biodiversity and ecosystem services − The example of a Czech-Polish-Saxon project cooperation

Integrating Nature Conservation into Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers

Green Infrastructure – Creating habitats with agriculture

Enabling ecosystem-based adaptation (EBA) in Melanesia and Micronesia

ValuES: Methods for integrating ecosystem services into policy, planning, and practice

Grassland conservation with subsidy and regulatory law, see also NUR article, part 2

OpenNESS − Operationalisation of Natural Capital and EcoSystem Services: From Concepts to Real-world Applications

STEP – Status and Trends of European Pollinators

TEEB: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

CONNECT – Linking biodiversity conservation and ecosystem service

Weiterentwicklung der Software Ecopay zur Bestimmung kosteneffizienter Ausgleichszahlungen für Maßnahmen zum Schutz gefährdeter Arten und Lebensraumtypen im Grünland zur deutschlandweiten Nutzung in der Naturschutzpraxis

SCALES – Securing the Conservation of biodiversity across Administrative Levels and spatial, temporal, and Ecological Scales

POLICYMIX – Assessing the role of economic instruments in policy mixes for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services provision

Nature Conservation in Climate Change

Stopping the Loss of Biodiversity – Biodiversity Protection in Rural Areas

PRESS – PEER Research on EcoSystem Services

SOKO Bio – Software-based decision support tool for determining cost-effective compensation payments for conservation measures in a changing environment

INVASION – Evolutionary, ecological and social consequences of Biological Invasions (BMBF)

EcoTRADE – Ecological Thresholds for Reshaping Ecosystem Networks

Strategies for sustainable land use in the context of wind power generation (BMBF)

ALTER-Net – A Long-term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network (EU)

EcolEconMod: Developing a framework to assess the total cost of conservation measures (EU)

PATH – Participatory Approaches in Science and Technology (EU)

Multi Criteria Evaluation and Decision Aid to Reconcile Conflicts between Land Use and Biodiversity Conservation (UFZ/HGF)

Participatory Decision Processes (UFZ/HGF)

Ecological-economic Modelling in the Development of Strategies and Environmental Policy Instruments for Species Protection (UFZ/HGF)

Evaluation and Improvement of the Implementation of Political Measures to Protect Biodiversity

Pooling of surface areas and compensation measures: Impact regulation under nature protection law as an instrument of nature protection policy at the local and regional level (UFZ/HGF)

INVASIONS: The Invasion Potential of Alien Species – Identification, Assessment, and Risk Management (BMBF)

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and its relevance for Germany (BMU)

FRAP – Development of a Procedural Framework for Action Plans to Reconcile Conflicts between Large Vertebrate Conservation and the Use of Biological Resources: Fisheries and Fish-eating Vertebrates as a Model Case (EU, UFZ as co-ordinator)

Strategies for the Resolution of Conflicts in Nature Conservation: Participation, Co-operation, and Negotiation (UFZ/HGF)

Umsetzung der Biodiversitätskonvention: Chancen und Probleme der Integration von Naturschutz und landwirtschaftlicher Entwicklung in Guatemala: Eine politik- und institutionenökonomische Analyse (UFZ/HGF)

Ten Years of Biodiversity Convention: an Interim Evaluation (book project)

Impacts of the EU Water Framework Directive on Nature Conservation

Regional Sustainability – Bridging Resource Conservation and Economic Development

Nature in and the Nature of Multi-criteria Decision Support 

→ Ecopay Romania – Producing an ecological-economic model for habitats preservation – Case study Mureș Floodplain

→ Erhaltung des Regenwaldes im brasilianischen Amazonien: Begründungen in Gesetzgebung und Rechtspolitik

→ Development of Transferable Multi-criteria Decision Tools in Environmental Management (EU)