WP 2: Urban Land Use, Urban Ecosystem Services

WP 2 Urban dynamics such as (extreme) growth and shrinkage bring about fundamental challenges for urban land use and related changes. In order to achieve a sustainable urban development, it is crucial to shape urban land use changes, options and conflicts in a way that allows for a good provision of urban ecosystem services which support quality of life and environmental health.

Set against this context, WP 2 focuses on the following research questions:

  1. What are the main drivers of simultaneous urban shrinkage and (re)growth for changes in land use and provision of UES?
  2. Which interrelations between land use changes and provision of ecosystem services are relevant in shrinking and (re)growing cities? Where are synergies, trade-offs and conflicts?
  3. What options, measures and strategies can be recommended or applied in order to achieve sustainable urban land use and an appropriate provision of ecosystem services?

Urban Ecosystem Services Photo: A. Künzelmann/UFZ WP 2 considers for responding to these research questions a range of urban land uses such as housing, urban green spaces or urban brownfield sites that represent a specific challenge in shrinking cities. Spatially, WP 2 focuses on the TERENO area Leipzig-Halle as well as on different comparison urban regions in Europe and worldwide.

Associated projects

  • uVital: User-Valued Innovations for Social Housing Upgrading through Trans-Atlantic Living Labs
  • Interval Study Grünau: Housing and Living in Leipzig-Grünau 2020
  • UFZ-Forschungsgründach
  • REGREEN: Fostering nature-based solutions for equitable, green and healthy urban transitions in Europe and China
  • FUSE: Food-water-energy for Urban Sustainable Environments
  • TERENO: TERrestrial ENviromental Observatoria
  • MigraChance: Migration-related conflicts as challenge and chance for institutional change in large cities and small towns
  • KoopLab: Participation through Cooperative Open Space Development in Arrival Neighborhoods
  • COREBRO: Monitoring of COmmercial and REsidential BROwnfields


Dr. Annegret Haase
Dept. of Urban and Environmental Sociology
UFZ Leipzig
Dr. Ellen Banzhaf
Dept. of Urban and Environmental Sociology
UFZ Leipzig