Juliane Schicketanz


Juliane Schicketanz
PhD student

Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany

Phone: +49 341 235 1761

Juliane Schicketanz

Research interests

  • Urban geography, Health geography
  • Geographic information system (GIS)
  • Socio-spatial impact on health of children

Curriculum Vitae

since 07/2017

IP PhD student Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology, IP Urban Transformations, UFZ Leipzig
Working title: Assessing socio-spatial impacts on health of children in urban areas

06/2016 - 06/2017

Research assistant, Applied GIScience, Geography Department, HU Berlin

01/2015 - 03/2015

Internship, urban green planning project ‚Parque Capibaribe‘, Recife (Brasil)

08/2013 - 03/2016

Student Collaborator, Geography Department, HU Berlin

10/2012 - 12/2015

Master program: Urban geography (M.A.) Geography Department, HU Berlin
Master thesis: An index for assessing activity-friendly urban environments for children. A case study in Berlin

09/2010 - 12/2011

Studen Collaborator, Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography (IfL), Leipzig

04/2010 - 09/2015

Scholarship: academic foundation 'Villigst e.V.'

10/2009 - 09/2012

Bachelor program: Geography (B.Sc.) Geography Department, Universität Leipzig
Research stay for bachelor thesis, Valdivia (Chile)
Bachelor thesis: The influence of immigration on urban development in Valdivia (Chile)