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Computer programs

At this page you find code snippets, sample data, and programs which I have written in the past. They are all licensed under the GNU-General Public License

R code snippets


The library libRK contains a collection of basic functions which are necessary for most of my other programs written in R. This library will be included in the code with the command: source ("<directory>/libRK.r"). However, each of the functions can be used separately if GPL, authorship and copyright will be respected.

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Sample data

Here you will find sample data in future.


BirdStat is a program to estimate survival rates of marked animals (mostly birds) on basis of so called band-recovery models. It was written in Turbo-Pascal by Reinhard Klenke and Klaus Tauchert.

This program is available only in a German localisation. It is more from historical interest because it was the only computer program dealing with this problem which was available in the East before the fall of the Iron Curtain. It is menu driven and you can use it for the estimation of average survival rates as well as for the estimation of age and year specific survival rates.

If I have finished a small revision you will find the program here together with a set of sample data and a short documentation.