Prof. Dr. Kurt Jax


Seminar "Philosophy of nature and the landscape: environmental aesthetic, environmental ethic, philosophy of ecology"

The seminar is held every semester together with Dr.  Tina Heger and PD Dr. Thomas Kirchhoff. It takes place in the form of a compact course (one half-day and a whole weekend)

On the basis of varying timely topics, the seminar provides an introduction into the foundations of environmental aesthetics, environmental ethics, and the philosophy of science/ecology. Major topics are, e.g.: Which colloquial and scientific perceptions and ideas of nature exist? Which values are connected to these various ideas? Which methods are adequate to capture these values?

Instructions for independent research

As a Professor at the TU München I am supervising bachelor, master and PhD theses.
Especially wellcome are topics irelated to the philosophy and history of ecology and biological conservation.