Block course: Physical Limnology 2021

This course will be held on video only during the time 22nd - 30th March 9:00-12:00 CET (Central European time); plus one daily exercise sheet to solve during the afternoon.

CET = UTC +1 before 28th March 2021;  CET= UTC+2 after 28th March 2021

In 2020, the block course will comprise the curriculum lectres by Prof. Andreas Lorke and Dr. Bertram Boehrer. The lectures will be broadcasted by video.

- Stratification and circulation of lakes, Navier Stokes – eq.
– solutes, solubility, electrical conductivity
– density, stability and mixing, deep water renewal
– surface waves, seiche, interfacial waves
– internal waves
- properties of internal waves
- Permanent stratification, meromixis, climate sensitivity
- Turbulence I: Introduction to turbulence
- Turbulence II: Spectral characteristics and measurements
- Turbulence III: Momentum and mass transport in turbulent boundary layers
- Turbulence IV: Living in turbulence: biological – physical interactions 

Dr. Bertram Boehrer: Lecturer at Uni-Heidelberg, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Magdeburg

Prof. Dr. Andreas Lorke: Professor at University of Landau-Koblenz

We offer this course FREE of charge also to external participants. Students and scientists interested in attending the course are requested to enrol by email to no later than 1st Feb. 2021: stating name, scientific affiliation / university. Heidelberg students are also requested to send their student number. For any further information, please address . There will be more information closer to the course.