WEBAX - Web access to numerical tools of limnology

This is an access to numerical tools for calculating density of limnic waters, electrical conductivity and other physical properties of waters. As some of these numerical algorithms are more complex and may include a larger number of coefficients, we provide programmes to be run on the internet, and - at a later stage - programmes to be downloaded. Colleagues shall feel free to use these tools. References are listed for the respective approaches.

If you can propose an interesting link, please do not hesitate to do so.

Calculating density

other approaches accessible on internet:

Calculating electrical conductivity

still to be written

Calculating alkanity of sampled waters

The United States Geological Survey - USGS provides an alkalinity calculator on the internet.

Demonstration and teaching programs

Motivated by work on caldera lake Shikotsu (Japan), we wrote a MATLAB routine, which allows for temperature ontrol at the water surface by the user, and evaluates density stability. The resulting temperature profile is displayed.