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  • Janssen, A.B.G., Arhonditsis, G.B., Beusen, A., Bolding, K., Bruce, L., Bruggeman, J., Couture, R.-M., Downing, A.S., Elliott, J.A., Frassl, M.A., Gal, G., Gerla, D.J., Hipsey, M.R., Hu, F., Ives, S.C., Janse, J.H., Jeppesen, E., Jöhnk, K.D., Kneis, D., Kong, X., Kuiper, J.J., Lehmann, M.K., Lemmen, C., Özkundakci, D., Petzoldt, T., Rinke, K., Robson, B.J., Sachse, R., Schep, S.A., Schmid, M., Scholten, H., Teurlincx, S., Trolle, D., Troost, T.A., Van Dam, A.A., Van Gerven, L.P.A., Weijerman, M., Wells, S.A., Mooij, W.M. (2015):
    Exploring, exploiting and evolving diversity of aquatic ecosystem models: a community perspective
    Aquat. Ecol. 49 (40), 513 - 548 10.1007/s10452-015-9544-1

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