Publishing at the UFZ

The publications of all UFZ staff members, which were produced during their scientific work at the UFZ, are compiled under the main responsibility of the library and prepared for publication on the internet. Through data maintenance processes within our central publication management, we can ensure that your bibliographic data are subjected to extensive quality checks, standardization and validation.

By enriching the bibliographic data with structural data from our center, your own publication lists but also the lists for the department and all projects are available to you at any time.

Publications that originated before the time at the UFZ are not included in this directory. Please also note that poster contributions, patents and blog contributions, among others, are also not recorded (see publication guideline).

Based on the publication directory, the publication lists of the POF pages are created. The directory is also used to create the publication lists of the department homepage. Furthermore, the publication directory forms the basis for various evaluations.

Submit publications

Please submit your publication accompanied by the valid POF number to
The following additional information is mandatory for the registration:

Text Publications

  • DOI, if available
  • Voucher copies for non-open access publications: Final Publisher's Version and Final Draft (accepted manuscript or alternatively final author's version)

Due to the ever-increasing importance of preprints, these are now recorded in the publication database as well (from 2022 onwards). Please send us the DOI or a link to the publication.

Software publications (only year of publication from 2022 onwards)

  • DOI
  • Version

Data publications (only year of publication from 2022 onwards)

  • DOI
  • Version, if available

Publication database

The publication database is a central component for the fulfillment of the internal and external reporting obligations of the UFZ. The collection of all UFZ publications is carried out by the library centrally for all departments and other organizational units of the UFZ in the Institutional Repository (document server) of the UFZ.

Only publications that were created by UFZ staff or guests during their stay at the UFZ and have a clear UFZ affiliation are included.

Search for UFZ publications: Publication database

Publication guideline

Publications by UFZ scientists should be clearly attributable to the UFZ. This ensures that the publications of the authors of the UFZ in institutional and personalized performance comparisons (rankings), external reporting requirements and internal monitoring in connection with performance indicators are recorded correctly and completely.

The publication guideline applies to all employees of the UFZ, as well as to guests whose publications were produced during a stay at the UFZ.

Before publishing

For the UFZ, the management and the Scientific and Technical Council (WTR) first established rules to ensure good scientific practice in accordance with the framework regulations of the Helmholtz Association in 2002, which were revised in 2019.
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