Technical devices

All technical devices are only for research and professional further training. The library staff has to be informed about defects that are recognized before and while working.
Technical devices

All technical equipment is used exclusively for research and teaching as well as for professional training and continuing education.
Defects detected before and during use must be reported to the library staff immediately.

The following technical devices are available in the library:

Book scanner
The use of the scanner is free of charge. The scanner may only be used for scanning journal and book articles. Detailed instructions are posted in the library next to the scanner.

Please pay attention to the copyright law which is displayed in the library.

The use of the central printer next to the circulation desk is free of charge. Please let us know before printing as the printer is also used by several staff members. You are only allowed to print articles from journals, from books or other information that is important for your work.

Please observe the copyright law which is displayed in the library.
Copier/ copy card sale
Copying is free of charge for UFZ staff members (use your UFZ dongle)

When copying, please observe the copying regulations as well as the copyright law which is displayed in the library.

The copying regulations can be found under Internal Regulations of the UFZ -> Library

Microfiche reader
The use of the microfiche reader is free of charge. The microfiches must be shown to the library staff before use. It is not possible to print out the text on the microfiches.

Research computers/ computer workstations
The use of the research computers is free of charge. The computers are only to be used for official research purposes in WebOPAC or in other library catalogs as well as in the electronic journal database. Internet use for non-official purposes is not permitted.