Dr. Marie-Lara Bouffaud

Contact / Address

Dr. Marie-Lara Bouffaud

Department of Soil Ecology
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Theodor-Lieser-Strasse 4 | D-06120 Halle/Saale


+49 345 558 5414

Current project

SuppressSOIL - Soil biodiversity and suppressiveness of soil against plant diseases and insect pests

PhytOakmeter - Using clonal oak phytometers to unravel acclimation and adaptation mechanisms of long-lived forest tree holobionts to ecological variations and climate change

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2021

Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research - UFZ


Maternity leave

Since 2018

Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research - UFZ

2016 - 2017

Maternity leave

2014 - 2016

German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) 
Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research - UFZ

2012 - 2014

Agroecology Joint Research Unit, INRA Dijon, France

2008 - 2011

PhD Student
Microbial Ecology Research Unit, University Lyon I, France

2006 - 2008

Master of Microbial Ecology 
University Lyon I, France

2002 - 2006

Bachelor of Biology 
University Nice Sophia Antipolis, France


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