Projects. Graphic: Regina Stoltenburg/UFZ

Current Research Projects

» Biodiversity Experiments

Funding: DFG | Project term: 2017 - 2020 (fifth phase)
Web: Biodiversity Exploratories   Biodiversity Exploratories

  • BLD-FFD-HZG II (contributing project)

    "BELongDead - Fungal Functional Diversity - Halle/Zittau/Grafenau (BLD-FFD-HZG). Fungal and     bacterial structural diversity and the expression and diversity of wood decay relevant genes in coarse     woody debris"

    Prof. Dr. François Buscot , Dr. Julia Moll , Dr. Björn Hoppe

Funding: BiodivERsA | Project term: 2017 - 2019
Web: BiodivERsA BiodivERsA

BiodivERsA - the network programming and funding research on biodiversity and ecosystem services across European countries and territories. It is an ERA-NET Co-fund, funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

European Joint Call 2015-2016 – funded project:

» Oak – an important forest tree: physiology, traits, biotic/abiotic interactions, adaption under a changing environment

Funding: iDiv – Flexpool (DFG) | Project term: 2017 - 2019  Logo-iDiv
Web: iDiv-Flexpool

Funding: DAAD | Project term: 2017 - 2019  Logo-DAAD

» GCEF – Global Change Experimental Facility: exploring ecosystem processes under climate and land use-specific changes

Funding: DBU (20015/391 | Project term: 2016 - 2019 Logo-DBU
Web: DBU

  • Project in frame of the DBU Doctoral Scholarship Programme

    "Increasing the stress resistance of agricultural ecosystems through plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) using winter wheat (Triticum L.) production as a case study."

    Contact: Claudia Breitkreuz , Dr. Mika Tarkka , Dr. Thomas Reitz
    Platform: Logo-GCEF GCEF

Funding: Ministry of Higher Education Egypt | Project term: 2017 - 2021 Ministry of Higher Education Egypt
Web: Ministry of Higher Education

» Biological Data / Bioinformatics

Funding: iDiv (DFG) | Project term: 2017 - 2020 Logo-iDiv
Web: iDiv

  • Joint project at UFZ/Soil ecology and iDiv/Bioinformatics Unit (BIU)

    “Developing and adaption of bioinformatics analysis pipelines for metagenome and metatranscriptome data of highly diverse (micro)organisms communities. Performing bioinformatics and multivariate statistics. Providing guidance and training.”

    Contact: Prof. Dr. François Buscot , Dr. Anna Heintz-Buschart

Funding: DFG | Project term: 2013 - 2015 (GFBio), 2015 - 2018 (GFBio II) GFBio
Web : GFBio

GFBio – a sustainable, service oriented, national data infrastructure facilitating data sharing for biological and environmental research

Contact: Prof. Dr. François Buscot , Dr. Anna Heintz-Buschart , Christina Weißbecker