Katharina Halbach

Katharina Halbach

PhD Student


Helmholtz-Center for Environmental Research - UFZ
Department Analytik
Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig, Germany

Building     4.0, Room 409
Phone: +49 341 235 482187, +49 341 235 1416  
Fax: 0341 235 452187       


Katharina joined our department for her PhD in September 2016. She investigates the spatial distribution of chemicals in zebrafish embryos as part of the integrated project Exposom at the UFZ. Personal research focus is the application of imaging techniques such as LA-ICP-MS and MALDI-FT-ICR-MS.

Curriculum Vitae

Since Sept. 2016 PhD Student at the Department Analytical chemistry at the UFZ
Aug. 2014 - June 2016 Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry, NTNU Trondheim, Norway
Master’s thesis: “Study of mercury and selected trace elements in soil in the Norwegian Arctic, Svalbard”
Jan. – May 2015 Exchange semester at the University Centre in Svalbard, Norway
Oct. 2013 – July 2014 Studies in Biology, RWTH Aachen University
Successful completion of several courses in fundamental biolo-gy and the specialization “Environmental Sciences”
Oct. 2010 – Sept. 2013 Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, RWTH Aachen University
Bachelor thesis: “Synthesis of multifunctional ligands for gold nanoparticles”