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The research group SALAS (Simulation and Analysis of LAnd Systems) focuses on the analysis of land use and land-use change and its impacts on different environmental factors. The analyses are mostly conducted at regional scale and have varying thematic and spatial foci (e.g. land and water use intensity in Northern Mongolia; production of bioenergy in Southern India; land use change in Central Germany). The scientific approach is mostly based on coupled models to investigate land-use change as well as its environmental impacts on soil functioning or crop production – or vice versa, the impact of e.g. fires on vegetation and land use. Therefore, different empirical or process-based models are used (e.g DayCent, SITE, …). We partly, apply or adapt 3rd party models, but also internally develop models such as the SITE framework.

In addition, we develop scenarios, mostly related to land-use simulations, to quantify scenario assumptions and assess potential impacts of future land-use change trajectories.

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Current Projects 

Operationalisation of Natural Capital and EcoSystem Services (OPENESS - Project)
         Case Study Central Germany

Production of Solid Sustainable Energy Carriers from Biomass by Means of
   Torrefaction (SECTOR- Project)
         SECTOR case-studies

Completed Projects



Methods, Products & Tools

  • Development of simulation models such as SITE for a computer-based analysis of research questions
  • Implementation and further development of spatial statistics (map comparison methods) – especially for gridded or raster maps in (currently > 10 methods implemented in SITE)
  • Development of methods for model and model parameter calibration and validation such as sensitivity analysis and optimisation techniques to calibrate coupled models
  • Development of modules for the SITE framework, e.g. for a more differentiated representation of decision-making, forest use or settlement dynamics and for the simulation of forest fires
  • Development of scenarios and methods for scenario development, partly in participatory approaches including stakeholder consultation
  • Development of sustainability indicators and indicator systems, especially in the context of bioenergy production
  • Development of a non-commercial ecosystem service mapping application ( MapNat ) for ANDROID based smartphones


Dr. Jörg Priess

Phone: ++49 341 235 1879
Fax: ++49 341 235 1939

Publications (selection)

2017 (14)

  • Barton, D.N., Kelemen, E., Dick, J., Martin-Lopez, B., Gómez-Baggethun, E., Jacobs, S., Hendriks, C.M.A., Termansen, M., García-Llorente, M., Primmer, E., Dunford, R., Harrison, P.A., Turkelboom, F., Saarikoski, H., van Dijk, J., Rusch, G.M., Palomo, I., Yli-Pelkonen, V.J., Carvalho, L., Baró, F., Langemeyer, J., Tjalling van der Wal, J., Mederly, P., Priess, J.A., Luque, S., Berry, P., Santos, R., Odee, D., Martines Pastur, G., García Blanco, G., Saarela, S.-R., Silaghi, D., Pataki, G., Masi, F., Vadineanu, A., Mukhopadhyay, R., Lapola, D.M., (2017):
    (Dis) integrated valuation – Assessing the information gaps in ecosystem service appraisals for governance support
    Ecosystem Services
    full text (url)
  • Cord, A.F., Bartkowski, B., Beckmann, M., Dittrich, A., Hermans-Neumann, K., Kaim, A., Lienhoop, N., Locher-Krause, K.E., Priess, J., Schröter-Schlaack, C., Schwarz, N., Seppelt, R., Strauch, M., Václavík, T., Volk, M., (2017):
    Towards systematic analyses of ecosystem service trade-offs and synergies: Main concepts, methods and the road ahead
    Ecosystem Services 28 , 264 - 272
    full text (url)
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    Stakeholders’ perspectives on the operationalisation of the ecosystem service concept: results from 27 case studies
    Ecosystem Services
    full text (url)
  • Dittrich, A., von Wehrden, H., Abson, D.J., Bartkowski, B., Cord, A.F., Fust, P., Hoyer, C., Kambach, S., Meyer, M.A., Radzevičiūtė, R., Nieto-Romero, M., Seppelt, R., Beckmann, M., (2017):
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    Ecol. Indic. 75 , 101 - 110
    full text (url)
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    Integrating methods for ecosystem service assessment: experiences from real world situations
    Ecosystem Services
    full text (url)
  • Hermans-Neumann, K., Priess, J., Herold, M., (2017):
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    Ecosystem Services
    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    Ecosystem Services
    full text (url)
  • Priess, J.A., Kopperoinen, L., (2017):
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    Ecosystem Services
    full text (url)
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    Ecosystem Services
    full text (url)

2016 (4)

  • Meyer, M.A., Seppelt, R., Witing, F., Priess, J.A., (2016):
    Making environmental assessments of biomass production systems comparable worldwide
    Environ. Res. Lett. 11 (3), art. 034005
    full text (url)
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    PLOS One 11 (4), e0153862
    full text (url)
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    Ecosystem Services 22 (Part A), 128 - 138
    full text (url)
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    Environments 3 (3), art. 21
    full text (url)

2015 (4)

  • Hauck, J., Winkler, K.J., Priess, J.A., (2015):
    Reviewing drivers of ecosystem change as input for environmental and ecosystem services modelling
    Sustainability of Water Quality and Ecology 5 , 9 - 30
    full text (url)
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    Environ. Earth Sci. 73 (2), 581 - 592
    full text (url)
  • Meyer, M.A., Chand, T., Priess, J.A., (2015):
    Comparing bioenergy production sites in the southeastern US regarding ecosystem service supply and demand
    PLOS One 10 (3), e0116336
    full text (url)
  • Priess, J.A., Schweitzer, C., Batkhishig, O., Koschitzki, T., Wurbs, D., (2015):
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    Environ. Earth Sci. 73 (2), 697 - 708
    full text (url)

2014 (5)

  • Karthe, D., Kasimov, N.S., Chalov, S.R., Shinkareva, G.L., Malsy, M., Menzel, L., Theuring, P., Hartwig, M., Schweitzer, C., Hofmann, J., Priess, J., Lychagin, M., (2014):
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    Geography, Environment, Sustainability 3 (7), 65 - 86
  • Meyer, M.A., Priess, J.A., (2014):
    Indicators of bioenergy-related certification schemes - An analysis of the quality and comprehensiveness for assessing local/regional environmental impacts
    Biomass Bioenerg. 65 , 169 - 151
    final draft (pdf)
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    Life cycle costs for the optimized production of hydrogen and biogas from microalgae
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    full text (url)
  • Priess, J.A., Hauck, J., (2014):
    Integrative scenario development
    Ecol. Soc. 19 (1), Art. 12
    full text (url)
  • Wochele, S., Priess, J., Thrän, D., O’Keeffe, S., (2014):
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    In: Hoffmann, C., Baxter, D., Maniatis, K., Grassi, A., Helm, P., (eds.)
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    EU BC&E Proceedings 2014
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    full text (url)

2013 (3)

  • Hauck, J., Priess, J.A., (2013):
    „The most likely future isn't“: Landnutzungsszenarien für Mitteldeutschland
    Raumforschung und Raumordnung 71 (5), 397 - 411
    full text (url)
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    full text (url)

2012 (3)

  • Das, S., Priess, J.A., Schweitzer, C., (2012):
    Modelling regional scale biofuel scenarios – a case study for India
    GCB Bioenergy 4 (2), 176 - 192
    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    Fraunhofer Verlag, Stuttgart, p. 72 - 79


David Barton (Ecosystem service mapping)
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research - NINA, Oslo, Norway

Ines Dombrowsky & Anabell Houdret (Governance of land & water use)
Environmental Policy and Natural Resources Management / Umweltpolitik und Ressourcenmanagement
German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik - DIE, Bonn, Germany

Roy Haines-Young & Marion Potschin (Ecosystem service assessment, participatory research, scenario development)
Centre for Environmental Management - CEM
Universitiy of Nottingham - Nottingham, UK

David M. Lapola (Land use, ecosystem services & mapping, bioenergy systems)
Earth System Science Lab / Laboratória de Ciência do Sistema Terrestre - LabTerra
Universidade Estadual Pauliste - UNESP, Rio Claro, Brazil

Patricia Pinho (Land use, participatory research, environmental justice)
Interdisciplinary Climate Investigation Center - INCLINE
Universidade de Sao Paulo - USP, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ann van Griensven (Hydrological modelling, SITE - SWAT model coupling)
Dept. of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering
Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Brussels, Belgium