Schwefelkreislauf in Ölsand Tailingsbecken

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Tailings ponds are microbially active, incl. sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) and methanogens. Thereby the microbial activity is affecting tailings ponds properties e.g. due to biodegradation, biofilm formation, surfactant-production, biocorrosion, toxicity, souring or biodensification. The knowledge about those processes is important for future pond management (release of porewater) and reclamation strategies.

We want to study the microbial sulfur cycle in tailings ponds, to give answers to the following questions:

- Can SRB be used to detoxify organic compounds?

- Can SRB be used to decrease metal contamination?

- Do SRB have an influence on sedimentation?

- How can we reduce outgassing of H2S?