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In order to implement gender equality in all areas of society, the federal government, the states and their institutions have been working for decades on a database and on appropriate measures to enable women to participate equally in education and science, among other things. Some of these are presented below.


Federal Foundation for Equality (german)
Federal Report on Young Scientists

The Matilda-Effect: How women become invisible in science
RKI Report 2023: women´s health (german)
Podcast: women´s careers in science (Deutschlandfunk) - worth listening to. (german)
Podcast: Lost Women of Science


Equal opportunities in science and research (GWK) (german)
Women in science (UNESCO)

Global Gender Gap Report 2022 (World Economic Forum)

Diversity Monitoring

If scientific disciplines do not take the dimension of gender into account, this creates a research gap through which much innovation potential is lost. Therefore, in Guideline 9 on Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice, the DFG requires that scientists examine whether and to what extent gender and diversity can be significant for the research project.

DFG Guidelines - Good Scientific Practice
EIGE Article: Gender in Research
Stanford Article: Gendered Innovations
Article of the BMBF Gender aspects in research (german)
Training: Unconscious bias in peer reviews

Often, equality policies have been designed for non-migrant heterosexual family forms. If the focus is broadened, many everyday situations of e.g. LGBTI+ families or non-binary employees become visible.
Since 2020 the network: 'The International Society of Nonbinary Scientists' exists.
A comprehensive introduction to the topics of sex & gender is provided by maiLab. (german)

A Diversity Lecture on the topic of racism in science with Nursemin Sönmez took place on 06.05.2022. A lot of further information is listed below.

Related links

Kick-off Study for the National Discrimination and Racism Monitor (NaDiRa) (German only)
Working Paper on the Decolonization of Teaching
Study "Institutions & Racism" (German only)
Officer for the Critique of Racism
Afrocensus (German only)


Training on Critical Whiteness (University of Hamburg, 2020)
Study and lecture series on structural racism (University of Halle + online)


"None of us are free" - Colson Whitehead tells the true story of American racism (German only)
White fragility - Why Whites so easily overlook racism (German only)
Halbe Katoffl (German only)

Argumentation aid

Arguments against racism (German only)
Foundation against racism (German only)
What do I reply on...? ( (German only)


Tupoka Ogette "Exit racism" (German only)
Reni Eddo-Lodge „Warum ich nicht länger mit Weissen über Hautfarbe spreche“ (German only)
Natasha A. Kelly „Rassismus. Strukturelle Probleme brauchen strukturelle Lösungen!“ (German only)
Mohamed Amjahid „Unter Weißen. Was es heißt privilegiert zu sein“ (German only)
Leah Carola Czollek/Gudrun Perko et al. "Praxishandbuch Social Justice und Diversity" (German only)
Emilia Rog "Why we matter" (German only)
Mithu Sanyal "Identitti" (German only)


Two distant strangers
Coded Bias (Doku)
They call us a team of foreigners (German only)


Less migration to Dresden: Right-wing protests scare young people! (German only)
Why politically motivated acts are not punished as such (MDR/Kripo live) (German only)
Get out of East Germany: When racism is unbearable (MDR) (German only)
Racism accusation against WDR program "Die letzte Instanz" (WDR Aktuelle Stunde) (German only)

Like a lens, the social situation, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighted already existing inequalities. Thus, also for the topic of equality, situations arose which highlighted or re-emerged known problems. Starting with the representation in expert committees, the gendered division of labour and the effects on women's publication figures, a number of studies and articles on the topic of corona and gender are collected here.

The selection includes links and articles in german and english.


OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development): Daten, Analysen und Empfehlungen zur Covid-19-Situation
Deutscher Frauenrat (Dossier): Covid-19 aus Geschlechterperspektive
UN Women (Collection): Gender Equality matters in Covid-19 response
Aktuelle Beiträge zum Gleichstellungsrecht (Artikel): Corona und Arbeitszeit: Lücke zwischen den Geschlechtern bleibt


Nature (Article): The pandemic and the female academic
Nature (Study): Are women publishing less during the pandemic? Here’s what the data say
Nature (Article): The career cost of COVID-19 to female researchers, and how science should respond
Nature human behaviour (Article): Unequal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on scienrists
The Guardian (Article): Womens’s research plummets during lockdown – but articles from men increase
FAZ (Artikel): Corona bedroht die Karrieren junger Forscherinnen
Deutschlandfunk (Artikel): Wissenschaftliche Karriereambitionen werden „mit Männlichkeit verknüpft“


Deutschlandfunk (Artikel): Warum vor allem Männer uns das Virus erklären
MaLisa (Studie): Wer wird in Krisenzeiten gefragt? Zusammenfassung der zentralen Ergebnisse
Spiegel (Artikel): Wissenschaftler kritisieren Benachteiligung von Jüngeren
Der Tagesspiegel (Artikel): „Das Wohlergehen der Frauen wird nicht adressiert“ (Jutta Allmendinger) (Artikel): Leopoldina: Warum Expert*innenteams zu homogen sind
Pro Quote: Corona-Expertinnenliste

Critical Infrastructure

Digitales Deutsches Frauenarchiv (Artikel): Systemrelevant – aber selten anerkannt
taz (Artikel): Corona ist weiblich – eine Krise der Frauen

Facts and figures

GWK: Equal opportunities in science and research (german)
UFZ internal diversity monitoring

Further Collections

CEWS journal: Materialsammlung zum Thema Covid-19 und Geschlecht (S. 12-26)