Stefan Kraemer

PhD-student in bioinformatics

Helmholtz-Center for environmental research - UFZ

Young Investigators Group Bioinformatics and Transcriptomics

Department Molecular Szstemsbiology (MOLSYB)

Permoserstr. 15

04318 Leipzig

Building: 4.1

Room: 239

Phone: +49 341 235 1353


Research question:

[1] How may commonly known genomic data integration approaches help to link chemical exposure to transcriptomic data. Is it possible to assume a single exposure scenario to identify biological meaningful and reliable findings in investigations with environmental relevant mixture exposure.

[2] Generate new hypotheses of mode of actions or adverse outcome pathways (AOPs), which describe effect of chemicals in the environment. Is it possible to generate a unified knowledge representation of ecotoxicological investigations, which may be used to predict unknown informations to fill knowledge gaps in the AOP-wiki?

Methodology and Approaches:

Data integration of transcriptomic and chemical data sets from UFZ-intern projects and open access data bases

Classification and assessment of chemical exposures

Method integration and evaluation

  1. selforganizing maps
  2. Gene correlation networks (WGCNA)
  3. Association rule learning
  4. Boolean networks
  5. Deep learning (neural networks)
  6. Text mining
  7. Predictive toxicology
PhD student Stefan Kraemer
08/2018 - 08/2021 Doctoral Student Bioinformatics @Uni Leipzig @MOLSYB/UFZ
05/2018 - 07/2018 Scientific Assistance @BIOTOX/UFZ
10/2017 - 04/2018 Masterthesis Bioinformatics @Uni Leipzig @BIOTOX/UFZ
10/2015 - 04/2018 Master Bioinformatics @Uni Leipzig
10/2013 - 09/2015 Master Education in Physics/Biology
10/2010 - 09/2015 Bachelor Eductaion in Physics/Biology
06/2009 Graduation Highschool (Chemnitz)