PhD Initiative 2017: Reactive Transport Modeling and Experiments

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Illustration credits (l-r): Björn Zehner, Dmitri Naumov, Haibing Shao, Helmut Rönicke

February 23-24, 2017
UFZ, Leipzig, Germany

We are pleased to announce that the next Reactive Transport PhD Workshop will take place at the UFZ in Leipzig, Germany. We would like to encourage PhD students to come, present and discuss their current research in a friendly and open atmosphere.

Background and Scope

The importance of reactive transport in porous and fractured media has been increasingly recognized for many applications in environmental science and engineering such as waste disposal, soil and groundwater remediation, groundwater quality management, and geothermal energy, etc. The intention of the workshop is to serve as a platform for PhD students working in the field of reactive transport modeling and related experiments to present their work, exchange their knowledge and share their experience. The first workshop was organized in conjunction with the OpenGeoSys annual community meeting in 2012 by the HZDR (Leipzig, Germany), while the following workshops were hosted by UFZ (Leipzig, Germany), PSI (Villigen, Switzerland), KIT (Karlsruhe, Germany), EKUT (Tübingen, Germany), and Forschungszentrum Jülich (Jülich, Germany).

Local Conveners

Olaf Kolditz, Thomas Kalbacher, and Haibing Shao