Illustration of sLCA thinking
Illustration of sLCA thinking

RESPONSA - a REgional SPecific cONtextualised Social life cycle Assessment


Alberto Bezama

RESPONSA is an social Life Cycle Assessment approach that evaluates through social indicators, socio-economic effects of products on stakeholders along the life cycle.

The Social Life Cycle Assessmnet (sLCA) approach should add a socio-economic dimension to the conventional LCA methods. Within the Leading Edge Cluster Bioeconomy current sLCA approaches are further developed for an application in wood-based bioeconomy regions. The approach analysis and assesses context-specific effects of products on sakeholders (e.g. workers and local communities) along the value chain located in the region.

RESPONSA provides social sustainability indicators, to conduct as a first step inventories of indicator values from organisations associated to the life cycle of a product under assessment. In order to determine the degree of the social performance indicated by the organisation’s indicator values so called performance reference points are applied. They indicate thresholds or benchmarks on a regional/national sector specific level. For a complete assessment of the social performance of a product the characterised inventories are allocated to the organisation’s output and scaled to a functional unit. By evaluating the social performance we can identify social hotspots and opportunities for single organisations, as well as along the value chain of products.


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