Dr. rer. nat. Gerhard Strauch

Photo: G. Strauch

Short CV:

Study of Chemical Technology and Research Study of Physical Chemistry at the Technische Hochschule Merseburg, PhD-Thesis in Physical Chemistry (1973)

Research Scientist at the Central Institute for Isotope and Radiation Research Leipzig, experimental and theoretical studies on stable isotopes in natural systems 

Research Scientist at the Department of Hydrogeology of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ

Since November 2012: Guest Scientist at the Department of Hydrogeology

Scientific Activity:

Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies (since 2010)

journal's cover photo, Taylor & Francis Group

Selected Publications:

Coban, O., Kuschk, P., Wells, N.S., Strauch, G., Knoeller, K., (2015): Microbial nitrogen transformation in constructed wetlands treating contaminated groundwater. Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res. 22 (17), 12829 - 12839
Strauch, G., Al-Mashaikhi, K.S., Bawain, A., Knöller, K., Friesen, J., Müller, T., (2014): Stable H and O isotope variations reveal sources of recharge in Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman. Isot. Environ. Health Stud. 50 (4), 475 - 490

Bräuer, K., Kämpf, H., Strauch, G., (2014): Seismically triggered anomalies in the isotope signatures of mantle-derived gases detected at degassing sites along two neighboring faults in NW Bohemia, central Europe. J. Geophys. Res.-Solid Earth 119 (7), 5613 - 5632

Bräuer, K., Kämpf, H., Niedermann, S., Strauch, G., (2013): Indications for the existence of different magmatic reservoirs beneath the Eifel area (Germany): a multi-isotope (C, N, He, Ne, Ar) approach. Chem. Geol. 356 , 193 - 208

Kämpf, H., Bräuer, K., Schumann, J., Hahne, K., Strauch, G., (2013): CO2 discharge in an active, non-volcanic continental rift area (Czech Republic): Characterisation (δ13C, 3He/4He) and quantification of diffuse and vent CO2 emissions. Chem. Geol. 339 , 71 - 83

E. Bozau, H.-J. Stärk, G. Strauch. Hydrogeochemical characteristics of spring water in the Harz Mountains, Germany. Chemie d. Erde, 2013 (avail. 10.04.2013) http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.chemer.2013.02.002

Oyarzún J, Carvajal MJ, Maturana H, Nunez J, Kretschmer N, Amazaga J., Rötting TS, Strauch G, Thyne G, Oyarzun R. Hydrochemical and isotopic patterns in a calc-alkaline Cu- and Au-rich arid Andean basin: The Elqui River watershed, North Central Chile. Appl. Geochem. 2013: 33, 50-63, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.apgeochem.2013.01.014

Schütze, C., Sauer, U., Beyer, K., Lamert, H., Bräuer, K., Strauch, G., Flechsig, C., Kämpf, H., Dietrich, P., (2012): Natural analogues: a potential approach for developing reliable monitoring methods to understand subsurface CO2 migration processes. Environ. Earth Sci. 67 (2), 411 - 423

Al-Mushaikhi, K.S.A., Oswald, S., Attinger, S., Büchel, G., Knöller, K., Strauch, G., (2012): Evaluation of groundwater dynamics and quality in the Najd aquifers located in the Sultanate of Oman. Environ. Earth Sci. 66 (4), 1195 - 1211