Lake Microbiology

Third party funding

Funding Title Duration
Federal Ministry of Education and Research Micro Plastics in Reservoirs (MikroPlaTas) 1.2018 - 12.2021
German Research Foundation Gas bubbles in freshwater ecosystems: origin, fate, and bubble-mediated transport (Bubble) (DFG database). 10.2019 - 9.2022
German Research Foundation Meteorological Drivers of Mass and Energy Exchange between Inland Waters and the Atmosphere (MEDIWA) 11.2020 - 11.2023

Further projects

Events trigger GHG emissions from surface waters (Moses GHG)

CH4 emissions from streams in the catchment of Rappbode Reservoir

greenhouse gas emissions from dry freshwater systems (dryflux): Reservoir drawdown area, Lake Sewan (Armenia), Elbe, Lake Gallocanta (Spain)

greenhouse gas emissions from drinking water reservoirs ( poster )

cooperation with the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) ( poster )

Diurnal CO2 flux variation across latitudinal gradients (DC flux)

Methane production in oxic water (MetOx)

recent theses

title author year university
Role of the sediments for dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in drinking water reservoirs Tallent Dadi 2017 Uni Halle
Microbial colonization and degradation of conventional and biodegradable polymers in lake water and sediment Maria Riese 2017 university of Trier

Finished projects

Funding Title Duration
DFG Greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs (TREGATa) 2016-2020
BMBF TALKO 2012-2015
DFG biogeochemical fluxes and turnover at pelagic redoxclines in lakes (RedoxFlux) 2011-2015
HAI sulfur cycle in oil sands tailings ponds 2010-2015
LMBV optimization of nitrification to eliminate ammonium from a neutralised pit lake (SeNi) 2011-2013
CICYT biogeochemistry of meromictic pit lakes in Spain 2009-2012
DBU Microbial in-situ-neutralisation of acidic mine pit lakes 04/2002-11/2005
VW foundation Limnology and biogeochemistry of volcanic acidic waters in the watershed of the Andean volcano Copahue (Argentina, Chile) 02/2003-11/2005