Lake Microbiology


  • Quantification of oxidative and reductive processes of iron and sulfur cycling and of competing reactions in lakes
  • Analysis of spatial distribution iron and sulphur species
  • Isolation and characterization of bacteria involved in iron and sulfur cycling
  • Study of carbon cycling and gases in pit lakes, meromictic lakes and reservoirs
  • Modelling of transport processes and rates at the sediment - water -interface


  • Cultivation of aerobic and anaerobic microbes
  • Measurement of sulfate- and iron-reduction
  • Measurement of trace gases, alcohols, and organic acids with portable GC und HPLC
  • DNA-extraction, PCR, electrophoresis
  • Extraktion und polarographic measurement of reduced sulfur compounds
  • Sediment-incubationens
  • Microsensors (pH, H2S, O2, diffusion coefficient, LIX), in the lab or in situ (Mini-Profiler)
  • Measurement of matter fluxes wirth benthic chambers
  • Measurement of surface gas fluxes with floating chamber + FTIR analysis
  • High resolution profiles of dissolved substances (gel-probes, DET)
  • Photometry
  • Specific surface determination with BET
  • Determination of viable microbial biomass using phospholipid phosphate
  • Concentration of cells using cross flow microfiltration