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Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Halle Master thesis (m/f)
Microorganisms have an important role in forest ecosystems and soil bacteria represent the most abundant group. They steer element turnover in soils, which impacts substrate distribution, nutrient cycling, nutrient availability, and soil aggregate stability. Currently, the relations between soil bacteria and their environmental impacts are not fully understood. Within the „SoilForEurope“ project, funded by BiodivERsA, we are interested to understand, how soil bacteria operate in different forests systems and if there are differences in their occurrences in monocultures compared to multispecies forest sites.
The Department Soil Ecology in Halle (Saale) is looking for a motivated student for a master thesis in this important and interesting area with the central question "What is the role of bacterial communities in keeping forest ecosystems functional?"