Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig PhD position (m/f)
This PhD topic aims at the development and testing of new methods to eliminate organic pollutants from aqueous matrices such as contaminated ground- or wastewaters. The core idea consists in the generation of temporary steep temperature gradients in the close vicinity of metallic micro-wires. This enables one to activate high temperature processes - physical and chemical ones - in a solid adsorber or catalyst while the aqueous bulk phase to be treated remains largely at ambient temperature. The processes under investigation range from adsorption-desorption swing regimes up to hydrolysis and catalytic reduction or oxidation of chemicals. Kinetics and mechanisms of the underlieing processes and chemical reactions will be studied.
Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Leipzig Fremdsprachenassistentin / Fremdsprachenassistent
Zur Komplettierung seiner Departments im Bereich Umweltforschung sucht das UFZ ab 1.9.2018 eine Fremdsprachenassistentin/-assistenten für den Bereich Bürokommunikation und Projektmanagement.