Sophia Hildebrandt

Contact/ Address

Sophia Hildebrandt
PhD student

Department Aquatic Ecosystem Analysis (ASAM)
Helmholtz Centre
for Environmental Research - UFZ
Brückstr. 3a, 39114 Magdeburg, Germany

Sophia Hildebrandt

Research topics

  • water legislation und its impacts on the water quality of surface waters
  • river basin management
  • earlier: urban development, nature-based solutions, management of natural resources, project management

Curriculum vitae

seit 04/2020

PhD candidate at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ
Department Aquatic Ecosystem Analysis
research topic: Impact of regulations on water quality

04/2019 - 03/2020

University of Leipzig: Research associate at the Institute of Building Design and Management (IGB)

08/2018 - 02/2019

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Delhi, India: Intern in the Programme Environment, Climate Change and Management of Natural Resources

2013 - 2019

Research assistant in various projects:

  • Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography: ‘NATURVATION – Nature-based solutions for a sustainable urban development in Europe’ und ‘Societal Change and Neighborhood Development’
  • Adelphi: ‘Adapting existing standards to the consequences of climate change’
  • German Institute of Urban Affairs: Research division Infrastructure und Finances
  • UFZ: Department of Environmental Politics, Research Topic ‘Sustainability Transitions’

2010 - 2011

Centre for Environment Education (CEE), Pune, India

2012 - 2015

Young Friends of the Earth Germany (state- and regional-level)


International Joint Master in Sustainable Development, University of Leipzig, Hiroshima University: Master thesis ‘Indoor air quality and health in residential buildings in growing cities of Southeast Asia’


B.Sc. Geography:
Bachelor thesis ‘Urban Agriculture in Pune and Mumbai, India’


2024 (1)

2022 (1)

  • Hildebrandt, S.; Kubota, T.; Sani, H.A.; Surahman, U. (2019): Indoor Air Quality and Health in Newly Constructed Apartments in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Surabaya, Indonesia. In: Atmosphere 2019 (10), S.182.
  • Wiest, K.; Baldin, M.-L.; Hildebrandt, S.; Montanari, G. (2017): Genossenschaftliche Prinzipien und genossenschaftliche Alltagspraxis – der gemeinschaftliche Wohnungssektor in Leipzig. Raumforschung und Raumordnung, Spatial Research and Planning, vol.75 (2), 2017, S.143-156.
  • Hildebrandt, S.; Weiland, U. (2016): Urban Gardening in Pune and Mumbai, India. In: Tappert, Simone and Drilling, Matthias (Ed.): Growing in Cities. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Urban Gardening. Conference Proceedings. Basel: University of Applied Sciences, S. 471–484.


  • Hildebrandt, Sophia (2016). Urban Gardening in Pune and Mumbai, India. [Presentation]. Paper presented at: Growing in Cities. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Urban Gardening International Conference, 9 – 10 September 2016, in Basel, Switzerland.