Advanced metadata standards for biodiversity survey and monitoring data: Supporting of research and conservation

Project description

Biodiversity surveys are a prerequisite for understanding ecological systems. They need to be accompanied with metadata to allow analyses and combinations of different datasets. This is especially true for analyses across terrestrial, freshwater and marine realms, where standardised metadata are urgently needed.

Supporting metadata generation with interoperable metadata standards
ADVANCE aims to assess metadata requirements for integrating biodiversity data from terrestrial, freshwater, and marine realms

In this project we aim at supporting metadata generation with interoperable metadata standards using semantic artefacts that facilitate access to, integration and reuse of data from biodiversity research of Helmholtz Centres for research and applied biodiversity conservation, focusing on monitoring data and the integration of data from the terrestrial, freshwater and marine realms.

Building on an assessment of metadata requirements for the integration of biodiversity data across realms, we will analyse, adapt and, where necessary, expand existing metadata standards and semantic artefacts to make them suitable for this purpose in the sense of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).

Using the expanded standards, we will develop a workflow for quality control in the process of data integration or metadata generation. We will test and illustrate the expanded standards and workflow in use cases and implement them into the registry that will be developed within the framework of the HMC TIB Hannover cooperation. With this, we will complement semantic artefacts of the Hub Earth & Environmental and other initiatives for biodiversity and thus facilitate assessments of the relationships between biodiversity across realms and associated environmental conditions.

The metadata standards and workflows for quality control will strongly support the goal of the CCA Biodiversity within POF IV in the Research Field Earth & Environment: opening the potential for future collaborations, and common projects and data analyses, meta-analyses, and tackling problems together, for which the participating Centres, AWI and UFZ, have already developed future plans and ideas for projects.