Watershed dynamics & environmental hazards

We develop new approaches to characterize water resources, environmental processes and hydrogeological hazards in data scarce systems. We also investigate the potential of cultural landscape restoration for water management and hazard mitigation, and the role of hydrological variability as driver of natural and industrial phenomena, such as floods, fluxes of particulate matters in river basins and the production of energy by means of hydropower plants.

Available Master Theses

Several master theses concerning the topic of FLOODS are now available.

Short descriptions and links to get an idea of what the topic is about are here below.

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Contact for further information, and attach your CV + a motivation letter if you want to apply for one of them.
Specifically, the topics deal with:
  • Propensity of rivers to extreme floods (look here and here)

  • Heterogeneity of flood generation mechanisms (look here)

  • Estimation of flood magnitude and probability from common runoff events (look here and here)


- Good mathematical understanding and knowledge of hydrology;
- Excellent programming skills (in either Python, R or Matlab);
- Experience in analyzing large datasets and developing and applying numerical codes;
- Fluency in English (both written and spoken);
- Curiosity, autonomy and an entrepreneurial attitude.

What you can expect:

- An engaging period of work at the forefront of research in hydrology;
- Collaborations and discussions with an international group of dynamic young scientists;
- A topic with high chances of future scientific outcomes (e.g., publications).


We welcome ERASMUS+ Internship scholarship holders

interested in:
hydroclimatic data analysis
construction of databases from landscape, hydrological and historical information
data mining and machine learning


Stefano Basso



Arianna Miniussi



Sumra Mushtaq

Doctoral researcher


Felipe Saavedra

Doctoral researcher


Larisa Tarasova



Hsing-Jui Wang

Doctoral researcher


Andrea Domin

Master thesis (Technical University of Dresden), January 2019 - September 2019

Lisa Hennig

Master thesis (Technical University of Braunschweig), October 2017 - May 2018

Now at University of Bayreuth, Germany

Zohreh Ghazanchaei

Master thesis (University of Stuttgart), October 2017 - May 2018

Mayra Daniela Peña Guerrero

Internship (Technical University of Cologne), October 2017 - January 2018

Now at the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies - IAMO, Germany

Mechanistic-stochastic and statistical methods for flood hazard assessment

  • Applications and further development of the Metastatistical Extreme Value distribution (MEV)
  • Further development of the PHysically-based Extreme Value distribution (PHEV!)
  • Assessment of the propensity of rivers to extreme floods

Regional analyses of event runoff features and causes

  • Large scale analyses of event runoff attributes
  • Identification of triggering spatio-temporal atmospheric and catchment conditions
  • Causative classification of runoff and flood events
Small hydro

Water-energy-ecosystem nexus in small run-of-river hydropower

  • Economic-hydroecologic optimization of small run-of-river hydropower plants
  • Methods to reconcile small hydropower and ecosystem services in river basins

Fluxes of solutes and particulate matters through river basins

  • Effects of hydrological events on solute mobilization and delivery
  • Roles of input stochasticity and river network morphology for fluxes of particulate matter

Cultural landscapes for water management



Propensity of rivers to extreme floods: climate-landscape controls and early detection

(DFG Research Project, grant 421396820, 2019-2022)



Space-time dynamics of extreme floods

(DFG Research Group, FOR 2416, 2017-2023)


Events as dynamic drivers of pollutant transport, turnover and export in catchments – from monitoring to models

Subproject 3: Effects of hydrological events on solute mobilization and delivery in German river catchments

(Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ PhD college, 2020-2023)


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  • Tarasova, L., Merz, R., Kiss, A., Basso, S., Blöschl, G., Merz, B., Viglione, A., Plötner, S., Guse, B., Schumann, A., Fischer, S., Ahrens, B., Anwar, F., Bárdossy, A., Bühler, P., Haberlandt, U., Kreibich, H., Krug, A., Lun, D., Müller‐Thomy, H., Pidoto, R., Primo, C., Seidel, J., Vorogushyn, S., Wietzke, L. (2019):
    Causative classification of river flood events
    Wiley Interdiscip. Rev.-Water 6 (4), e1353
    full text (doi)
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