Research Topics

Regional analyses of event runoff features and causes

  • Large scale analyses of event runoff attributes
  • Identification of triggering spatio-temporal atmospheric and catchment conditions
  • Causative classification of runoff and flood events

Mechanistic-stochastic and statistical methods for flood hazard assessment

  • Applications and further development of the Metastatistical Extreme Value distribution (MEV)
  • Further development of the PHysically-based Extreme Value distribution (PHEV!)
  • Assessment of the propensity of rivers to extreme floods

Fluxes of solutes and particulate matters fluxes through river basins

  • Effects of hydrological events on solute mobilization and delivery
  • Roles of input stochasticity and river network morphology for fluxes of particulate matter

Water-energy-ecosystem nexus in small run-of-river hydropower

  • Economic-hydroecologic optimization of small run-of-river hydropower plants
  • Methods to reconcile small hydropower and ecosystem services in river basins