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Ecosystem Service Change

photo by Jonna Heuschele
photo by Jonna Heuschele
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In a context of continuous land use change and telecoupled relationships, we investigate the effects of land management on ecosystem services and their contribution to human well-being. We use different approaches to assess potential supply, use and demand, including people’s preferences and values. In turn, we look at how management is related to aspects of equity and the distribution of ecosystem services across different social groups, as well as the governance regimes that may contribute to a more equal access to ecosystem services.

Methodological focus

  • Conceptual studies and systematic literature reviews
  • Geospatial analysis and statistical modeling of spatio-temporal patterns of biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Quantitative, spatially explicit analyses of trade-offs and synergies among ecosystem services and between ecosystem services and biodiversity
  • Semi-structured interviews
  • Socio-ecological surveys and questionnaires
  • Policy assessments


Dr. María Felipe-Lucia

Phone: +49 (0)341 97 33183

Dr. Guy Pe’er

Phone: +49 (0)341 97 33182

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In review

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