Ecosystem Services Change

photo by Jonna Heuschele
photo by Jonna Heuschele

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In a context of continuous land use change and telecoupled relationships, we investigate the effects of land management on ecosystem services and their contribution to human well-being. We use different approaches to assess potential supply, use and demand, including people’s preferences and values. In turn, we look at how management is related to aspects of equity and the distribution of ecosystem services across different social groups, as well as the governance regimes that may contribute to a more equal access to ecosystem services.



Dr. Maria Felipe Lucia, Jana Kachler

The main goal of ESuDis is to understand the different pathways by which anthropogenic and natural capitals are combined to sustainably co-produce ecosystem services and contribute to the equitable distribution of these services.
We will investigate how increasing land use intensity and the substitution of natural capital by human, social, technological and financial capitals affect the supply of multiple ecosystem services, the distribution of those services across different stakeholders and multiple spatial scales, in terms of use and demand and how supply and distribution relate to the governance of ecosystem services.

EsuDis Website

Unraveling patterns of ecosystem services supply: a case study in southern Chile

Photo by Felipe Pineda

Felipe Benra

The aim of this project is to assess patterns of ecosystem services (ES) supply and demand and its relation to land tenure and landscape attributes. It will delve into local, national and international teleconnections affecting the local supply and demand of ES which are important for understanding the local distribution of ES and their equity effects. The project seeks to understand how equal/unequal is the local distribution of ES supply and demand, and their spatial and temporal relationships. Two main administrative units of analysis will be used; the farm property and the municipality. Data is available from publicly available sources. The main research question is: how do biophysical and socioeconomic variables affect the equality of ES supply and demand distribution?




"Interactions of Farmland Biodiversity and Agricultural Ecosystem Services under Climate Change (INTERCEDE)"
Jonna Heuschele

INTERCEDE will address the impacts of increasing landscape homogenization (reduced landscape heterogeneity, removal of remnant semi-natural vegetation) and crop specialization on farmland biodiversity and agricultural yields. Both aspects are expected to become more relevant with climate change and resulting pressures on agriculture (drought, extreme events).




"Europa Biodiversity Observation Network: integrating data streams to support policy"
Hannah Moersberger

EuropaBON will work with stakeholders to identify user and policy needs for biodiversity monitoring and investigate the feasibility of setting up a center to coordinate monitoring activities across Europe. Together with stakeholders, EuropaBON will assess current monitoring efforts to identify gaps, data and workflow bottlenecks, and analyse cost-effectiveness of different schemes. The results of this assessment will be used to inform the design of improved monitoring schemes able to integrate in-situ and remote sensing data through models, and using novel technologies, to deliver more complete and less biased biodiversity information with multiple benefits to users and society. A set of EuropaBON showcases will demonstrate how the EBVs and EESVs provide timely and relevant data for EU member states and regions, including policy-relevant indicators to assess progress in biodiversity targets, short-term biodiversity and ecosystem services forecasts, and scenarios that support IPBES and other assessments.

EuropaBON website



"Enhancing inland areas through the integration of Ecosystem Services in landscape planning and territorial cohesion"
Matteo Giacomelli

Urbanization together with growing human activities is leading to increasing marginalization and regional inequalities. While cities are mostly associated with economic success and power, the inland areas – defined as territories remote from the delivering of services such as health, education, and mobility – are undergoing a process of socio-economic decline. Nevertheless, inland areas are crucial in the delivery of goods and services to society. The multiple ways society benefits from ecosystems is captured by the definition of “Ecosystem Services” (ES), and its integration into regional planning can help researchers and policy-makers to identify trade-offs between ecological and socioeconomic aspects. On that account, the research investigates territorial interdependencies through the lens of ES, emphasizing the role of inland systems in providing benefits to society.


Former projects


"Improving future ecosystem benefits through earth observations"
Aletta Bonn
, Emilie Crouzat, Volker Grescho, Maria Felipe-Lucia, Jan Watzema, Jonna Heuschele

ECOPOTENTIAL is a large European-funded H2020 project that focuses its activities on a targeted set of internationally recognised Protected Areas, blending Earth Observations from remote sensing and field measurements, data analysis and modelling of current and future ecosystem conditions and services. ECOPOTENTIAL considers cross-scale geosphere-biosphere interactions at regional to continental scales, addressing long-term and large-scale environmental and ecological challenges.


Publications (selection)

2022 planned/ in prep publications

Benra et al. Human agency and land endowment are determining factors in the ecosystem services supply - wellbeing nexus (in prep- submission deadline 15th March)

Giacomelli et al. Including the perspective of social actors in landscape planning through the ecosystem service co-production framework: an empirical exploration (in prep)

Giacomelli et al. Mapping bundles of Ecosystem Services supply and demand reveals interdependencies between inner areas and urban poles (in prep)

Kachler, J., Benra, F., Isaac, R., Martin-lopez, B., Bonn, A. & Felipe-Lucia, M.R. (in prep) Disentangling effects of grassland management from biodiversity on forage production.

Felipe-Lucia et al: ECOP II paper

Marselle, M., Heuschele ….. (in prep) Benefits from cultural services in mountain National Parks – how do environmental characteristics relate to perceived restorativeness? Ecology and Society (?).

EuropaBON paper Moersberger et al

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Heuschele, J., Dominik, C., Paxton, R., Schweiger, O., Leyrer, D., Felipe-Lucia, M.R., Settele, J., Tesfaye, W., (in prep) Environmental influences on the gut microbiome of Bombus terrestris and resilience towards pathogens along a land-use intensity gradient

Burger, S., Heuschele, J., Kernecker, M., Felipe-Lucia, M.R., (in prep) Matching scale and action: Farmer participation in agri-environmental schemes for promoting insects in agricultural landscapes

In review/preprint publications

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