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MSc theses

in the project: "NFDI4Biodiversity"    

Assessing distribution and/or dispersal of an invasive fish species (Sander volgensis)    

Invasive species are among the main threats for biodiversity. However, distribution ranges and dispersal routes of newly introduced species are often unknown, despite such knowledge being essential for effective conservation measures. If you are interested in learning how to model distribution and/or dispersal patterns of invasive species based on citizen-science derived occurrence information, this project might be interesting for you. You will be required to get in contact with recreational fishing clubs or individual person to get additional distribution data and to build distribution or dispersal models using the statistical software R. Consequently, the ideal applicant must be comfortable working with people and should have some prior knowledge about the statistical software R. Additionally, it would be advantageous to be good or very good in German. Large parts of the project could be done remotely, however, in some occasions it can be necessary to meet in person (Leipzig or Berlin). The project could start as soon as possible.