Jan Birkigt

Phone +49 (0) 341 235 1331

Curriculum Vitae

currently PhD student UFZ
Fellowship Landesinnovationspromotion
  Diploma Environmental Engineering, Technische Universität Dresden


Investigation of biotransformation of pharmaceuticals and their residuals for hydrological cycle protection

In recent years, pharmaceuticals and their residues have been increasingly detected in surface water and groundwater bodies as well as in drinking water, due to lacked elimination in the waste water treatment facilities.
Because of their persistence and toxicity in the environment, a sub-set of chemicals in this group of contaminants was recently included in the priority list of the Water Framework Directive. Thus far, abiotic transformation processes and the microbial degradation of these contaminants needs to be studied intensively, especially under anoxic conditions.

My research focusses on the investigation of biotransformation of Diclofenac, Sulfamethoxazole and Ibuprofen under different redox conditions. In order to trace and identify such processes I am developing and applying stable isotope methods. For the identification of biodegradation and transformation products I am using GC and LC techniques.

I am involved in the working groups Organohalide Geomicrobiology and Geobiochemistry.

My supervisors are Dr. Ivonne Nijenhuis and Prof. Dr. Lorenz Adrian.


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