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Research Group Dr. Lorenz Adrian

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Electron micrograph of strain CBDB1

We investigate anaerobic respiratory processes in model cultures and subterrestrial environments. We have a special interest in anaerobic respiration with external electron acceptors. One such respiration is the organohalide respiration with halogenated solvents such as perchloroethene or chlorinated benzenes. However, also other significant biogeochemical respiratory reactions are investigated. We develop, adapt and apply microbiological, biochemical, molecular and genomic tools for our research.

Students are very welcome to take part in our research for their Master/Bachelor/work-term projects whatever time you have. Inquire directly at one of the team members.

We have a high-resolution mass spectrometer for protein and metabolilte identification (nLC-MS/MS, Thermo Orbitrap Fusion) and the data procession pipelines. We offer measuring slots for cooperation in geobiochemical topics.


PD Dr. Lorenz Adrian


  • Ding Chang

PhD students:

  • Camelia Algora
  • Anja Kublik
  • Katja Seidel
  • Ouyang Weiying
  • Chao Yang
  • Shangwei Zhang

PhD students in cooperation:

  • Fatima El-Athman (Prof. Jekel & Dr. Putschew, TU Berlin)
  • Darja Deobald (Prof. Layer, Universit├Ąt Leipzig)
  • Shahab Shahryari (Prof. Akbari, University Tehran, Iran)

Undergraduate Students:

  • Marcel Finke
  • Valentin Fromm
  • Simone Marziani


  • Danny Frauenstein
  • Benjamin Scheer


  • Julia Howanski

Functional Genomics and Biogeochemistry Group Photo 2016


    Building 5.0 rooms 106-110


  • Microbiology: Anaerobic cultivation facilities (gassing station, anoxic tent, large batch fermenter), Cultivation automat, fluorescence microscope optimized for cell counting
  • Biochemistry: nLC-MS/MS (protein mass spectrometer, Thermo Orbitrap Fusion), EKTA-FPLC, protein and DNA/RNA electrophoresis, array reader installed in an anoxic tent
  • Chemical analysis: Gas-GC, Capillary-GC, ion chromatograph
  • Molecular biology: qPCR, nanoDrop, molecular cloning lab, electrophoresis, gel documentation