Implementation of climate change adaptation measures in Santiago de Chile (CLIMP)

Supported by the Foreign Office

Duration: 07/2014-12/2014

The objective of the CLIMP project is to exemplary implement selected climate change adaptation measures. Thereby, the project aims at showing that there exist relatively simple and low-cost adaptation measures. Concrete recommendations for feasible adaptation measures were already made by the ClimateAdaptationSantiago (CAS) project and the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

In La Florida, one of the 52 municipalities of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago de Chile, a “Climate Change Adaptation Action Day” was organized on November 24 and 25, 2014. The public school "Sol del Illimani" served as the pilot project. The action day was used to teach school children on climate change and possibilities to adapt to the consequences. Two adaptation games were developed within the CLIMP project and intensively played at the school. In the school yard, several trees were planted and two rainwater collection barrels were installed. In several rooms of the school, new LED lights were set.

Bienvenidos Games Games

The cooperation between CLIMP and the school still continues. More activities are planned. With the financial support of the CLIMP project, a school garden will be created. The implementation will be realised by "Fundación Mi Parque" in May 2015. Furthermore, solar panels will be implmented shortly on the roof of the school building.

Dr. Kerstin Krellenberg (head of project)
Dr. Juliane Welz