Job offers

Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD Position Digital Humanities and Environmental Risks
We are looking for a highly motivated student who has a keen interest in developing innovative mixed-method methodologies for assessing past and future water scarcity and drought impacts. The student will participate in a structured training-program within the Graduate School “Thirsty Cities: Pathways for Water-Resilient Urban Transformation and Agricultural Adaptation.”


The department provides the opportunity of completing an internship of several weeks. Internships are offered within the frame of single projects.  To apply please submitt a cover letter giving precise information on your qualifications and availability as well as your CV and certificates using our e-recruting portal. To guarantee an effective involvement please state as well which project you are interested in. All project descriptions can be found on our homepage. Please apply early enough, i.e. several month before the intended starting date.

Internship places will be awarded according to the applicants' qualifications and our capacities. Internships are without payment. Please also note: Applications must be based on a degree course, an internship prior to a degree programme, or some other form of basic or further training. Applicants keen to do an internship in order to improve their employment prospects need to submit a letter from their job centre indicating its approval.