FlowFP performs a segregated analysis of cell abundance changes in a geometrical grid applied to all histograms. The geometrical grid does not require any manual gating decision but uses a probability distribution function to define regions of equal cell numbers.

FlowFP was originally developed for FCM data sets in medical research (Rogers and Holyst, 2009) but was also successfully applied to a microbiological FCM data set (De Roy et al., 2012). The FlowFP software package by Rogers and Holyst (2009) is deposited at the Bioconductor platform and can be downloaded here .

A ready-to-use macro for the application of flowFP to cytometric fingerprints based on FSC and DAPI-DNA fluorescence can be downloaded here .


Original publications:

Rogers, W. T. and Holyst, H. A. (2009) FlowFP: a bioconductor package for fingerprinting flow cytometric data. Advances in Bioinformatics, 2009.

De Roy, K., Clement, L., Thas, O., Wang, Y.Boon, N. (2012) Flow cytometry for fast microbial community fingerprinting. Water Research, 46, 907-919.