Expertise of Technical Assistants

WG Bioavailability
(Dr. Lukas Wick)

Jana Reichenbach Chemotaxis analysis
Contact angle measurements (sessile drop method)
Cultivation of bacteria and fungi
Spiral platter cultivation and automated colony enumeration
Rita Remer HPLC analysis (UV/fluorescence/refractometer)
Ionic chromatography
Spiral platter cultivation and automated colony enumeration
Cultivation of bacteria and fungi
Birgit Würz GC-Headspace analysis
GC-MS analysis
Zetasizer: Determination of zeta potential and isoelectrical point of biocolloids/macromolecules
Extraction and analysis of organic trace contaminants
Franziska Beier
Isolation, enrichment and cultivation of aerobic microorganisms
Cultivation and enumeration of bacteriophages

WG Flow Cytometry
(Prof. Susann Müller)

Thomas Hübschmann Cytometry
Cell sorting
Laser safety officer (Dept. Environmental Microbiology)
Florian Schattenberg Cytometry
Cell sorting
DNA extraktion, PCR and T-RFLP fingerprinting
Christine Süring Fermentation
Image analysis

WG Microbial Bioelectrocatalysis and Bioelectrotechnology
(PD Dr. Falk Harnisch)

Cornelia Dilßner Aerobic and anaerobic enrichment/isolation of microorganisms
Degradation of pollutants (kinetics and stoichiometry)
Fermenter cultures incl. diverse cultivation regimes
HPLC technique (measurements and support Shimadzu)
Enzyme measurements (photometric, respiratory)
Cell disintegration
Wastewater analysis
Anne Kuchenbuch Aerobic and anaerobic cultivation of microorganisms
HPLC analysis
DNA extraction
PCR- and T-RFLP fingerprinting
Cloning and sequencing
Bioelectrochemical methods
Bioelectrochemical fermentation
Fluorescence and light microscopy
Angelika Wichmann GC-MS
Fatty acid analysis
Cultivation of bacteria (Chemostat)
VOC analysis
Metabolite analysis

WG Microbial Systems Ecology
(Dr. Antonis Chatzinotas)

Anett Heidtmann DNA/RNA extraction (environmental samples, cultures)
PCR (16S rRNA, functional genes and plasmids) and T-RFLP
Quantitative PCR
Sequence analysis (incl. software) and ARB software (genealogical trees)
FISH and hybridisations
Phages (concentration, molecular biology)
Training of biology lab technicians at UFZ
Nicole Steinbach
DNA/RNA extraction (environmental samples, cultures)
PCR (16S rRNA, functional genes, plasmids) and T-RFLP
Sequence analysis (incl. software)
Enrichment/cultivation of bacteria
Viruses/phages (concentration, molecular biology)
Stable Isotope Probing (SIP)
Jonathan Seltmann
DNA/RNA extraction (environmental samples, cultures)
PCR (16S rRNA, functional genes and plasmids) and T-RFLP

WG Microbial Systems Bioinformatics
(Dr. Ulisses Nunes da Rocha)

Rodolfo Brizola Toscan
High-throughput sequencing data (HTS) manipulation: HTS functional annotation; metagenome-assembled genomes recovery (eukaryotes, prokaryotes and viruses); microbial HTS simulation
  Computational Support: Data storage and life cycle management; installation and development of software, tools and pipelines for (multi)omics analysis; Python, BASH, R, Perl and C

WG Microbiology of Anaerobic Systems
(Dr. Sabine Kleinsteuber)

Elke Häusler DNA extraction (reactor probes, cultures)
Cloning and Sanger sequencing
T-RFLP fingerprinting
Ute Lohse DNA and RNA extraction (cultures, reactor and environmental probes)
Protein extraction for proteomics
c-DNA synthesis, PCR, qPCR
T-RFLP fingerprinting (including analysis using Genemapper)
Sanger sequencing (including analysis using Sequencher)
Aerobic and anaerobic cultivation of microorganisms
Anaerobic sampling

WG Ecothermodynamics / Biocalorimetry
(PD Dr. Thomas Maskow)

Claudia Heber
Reaction calorimetry
Microcalorimetry (Photocalorimetry)
HPLC analysis
High-resolution respirometry
Strain maintenance and cultivation
Sven Paufler Development of hard- and software for data acquisition
Micro and reaction calorimetry
Combustion calorimetry
Kurt-Tobias Mühler
HPLC analysis
Monique Reichard
Isothermal titration calorimetry
HPLC analysis

WG Environmental Mycology
(Dr. Dietmar Schlosser)

Stefanie Loth
Cryoconservation of microorganisms
Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC)
Enzyme assays (microtiter plate reader)
FTIR spectroscopic measurements
Fungal cultivation methods

Microbiological Media and Waste Disposal
(Martina Kolbe)

Mandy Becker
Microbiological waste disposal
Hot air sterilisation
Cleaning of glass
Manufacturing of simple culture media
Martina Kolbe Aerobic and anaerobic culture media
Autoclaving of special laboratory equipment and solutions
Specific methods for sterilization and disinfection
Microbiological waste disposal, sterilization and disinfection
Questions on culture media
Katrin Lübke Aerobic and anaerobic culture media and solutions
Hot air sterilization
Microbiological waste disposal